Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Refreshing Renewal of Leadership Style

I was reading yesterday's Globe & Mail this morning while listening to CBC Radio, and happened to turn to a photo of Stephane Dion crossing the street on foot, by himself, carrying a heavy knapsack, looking at the ground in frowning concentration. At that moment the man himself came on the radio, responding to the questions of the day with his typical thoughtful, humble style, and it struck me what a revolution in leadership style this man has brought to our party.

The Liberal Party has frequently been called arrogant and without principles. Stephane Dion presents a totally opposite face. I'm under no illusions here - the man is a politician and, as the leadership race showed, is able to outsmart the smartest and crush his opponents. But he's so nice.

I love this unexpected change of attitude at that top. I hope the rest of the party can pick up a little of the Dion style. I hope he can maintain his true nature during the next election (and almost assured attacks on it by the opposition).

Blevkog recently posted the famous Trudeau Just Watch Me clip, and started a little discussion about Trudeau's ability to interact intelligently with reporters - as opposed to most of today's politicians, who tend to spout spin. Dion is very different from Trudeau, but he's as distinct from other politicians.


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Darren McEwen said...

I love the old beat up bag over the shoulder. It's a trademark thing that I didn't know much about before the leadership convention but it makes him come across as a real, working, down to earth guy.