Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dreaming Insight

The last couple of days I've been trying to problem-solve in my dreams. This is a technique I learned from the CBC radio science show Quirks & Quarks years ago. Just before falling asleep you pose yourself a question, and then in the morning you see if a dream has provided an answer. Quirks & Quarks posed a difficult riddle and asked listeners to try to solve it in their sleep: several did, and the way their dreams exposed the answer was fascinating.

So I've done it the last two nights and had some interesting results. The first night the answer was clear and unambiguous but out of the question... an option I don't want to pursue. So I posed the question again and got another answer, a bit more cryptic and a bit less from left field, but still not a winner. I think I'll give it one more try. The process is giving me some insights into myself, if not providing an answer.

If you tap your subconscious for motivation, should you follow it? Isn't the subconscious all tied up with instinct and hormones and urges to procreate and stuff like that? On the other hand, if you deny your true nature won't you be at war with yourself, with unfortunate consequences?

For many years I kept a daily journal of my thoughts, and I gave it up because I came to feel that I was distorting my development by making overt too many things that should have stayed deep. Once exposed, some things lose their power. Left unexposed my mind can work things out on its own, resulting in preferences and choices that bubble up often without conscious help. Then I can apply rational thought to the decision-making process.

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