Monday, July 07, 2008

Best Blog Post of the Year

For like days now I've been trying to think of a clever, witty comment to this brilliant post on Whimsley: My New Book: Explosion!TM but, well, I came up with nuthin. Some of the other commenters are pretty great.

The writing is extremely good, which is typical of Whimsley, but I think what really hit home was the humor laced with just a tad of bitter frustration. And the tiniest dash of manic obsession with his Moriarty, The Long Tail.

(Sadly, I can't even figure out how to make a superscript in blogger.)



Anonymous said...

Hilarious. I loved the comment that pointed out how it will be huge hit with the airport lounge crowd ; ).

Thanks for the link.

tom s. said...

Thanks Yappa. My Moriarty eh? Well if that makes me Holmes I can't complain.