Saturday, November 29, 2008

Political Update the way, now's a good time to contact your MP to express your opinion about the government refusing to provide fiscal stimulus, the potential coalition government, and related matters. I wrote my MP and cc'ed the president of the federal Conservative Party, Don Plett ( Here is contact info for all MPs.

You might also want to sign the petition for a progressive coalition.

Bloggers on Liblogs are really stepping up with some excellent commentary on the situation. Here are a couple of interesting things I found today (biased towards my leadership pick, as you can see):

* James Curran linked to a video of Rae talking about the Liberal-NDP coalition he brokered with David Peterson in 1985.

* WomanAtMile0 has a video of Rae talking this week about our current political crisis.



penlan said...

I didn't know you had endorsed Bob Rae. Were you supporting him in the last leadership race? Just curious. :)

Yappa said...

Hi Deb!

I apologise for the delay in publishing your comment. I have a glitch in blogger and missed over a week's worth of comments. :-(

Yup, I enthusiastically endorsed Bob Rae last time. What about you?


penlan said...

Hi Ruth,

I'm not Deb. You have me mixed up with someone else. ;)

Sorry to hear you were having probs with Blogger.

I'm neutral at the moment. Need to hear more from all the candidates before I make any decision. I was in support of Dion last go-round.