Friday, December 05, 2008

Leaders - Can't Live With 'Em...

Let's face it, both of Canada's two dominant parties have enormous leadership problems at the moment.

The Conservative leader is a magalomaniac who hoardes all power to his own inner circle. His cabinet appointments are based on obedience and optics, and so we get incompetence that kills Canadians (listeriosis) and puts us all at risk (nuclear safety, pandemic preparation, and a host of other files). He introduces large new policies (such as everything in last week's economic update) without consulting with his caucus or anyone else in the party. His extremist ideology prevents him from taking action on the economic crisis. He is an enormous bully who can't seem to bring himself to cooperate with anyone, within his party or without. If there is anyone left who doesn't realize that he has a secret agenda, they're nuts. He is a terrible prime minister. But as long as he keeps winning, it seems impossible for his party to unseat him.

Then there's the Liberal leader, another man who won't consult with people outside his inner circle, but instead of being a consistent winner, he's a consistent loser. Noone questions his integrity or values, but he can't do anything right. Simple tasks evade him, like standing up in parliament this week and looking calm while uttering a few canned sentences (instead, he threw an enormous hissy fit, was completely incoherent, and looked like a buffoon). He wants to single-handedly negoatiate the coalition, and he makes some pretty big mistakes ("Canada and Quebec"?!) and then as soon as the going gets tough, he backs off, leaving the party hanging out over the cliff. Worse, his shoddy performance is the single thing keeping Canadians from accepting the coalition. Harper's behavior last week was so egregious that there was widespread agreement he had to be taken down, but now the dialog has changed to Harper needing to save Canada from Dion. We forced him to quit, but he won't go away fast enough and is dragging down the whole party.

Both parties are in a real pickle. Based on the effectiveness of PR campaigns, Canadian opinion might sway one way or another, but the objective reality is that neither man should be in charge of anything.



wilson said...

You Liberals may have a problem with your leader,
and Liberals and the leftist MSM may have a problem with PMSH leading the CPC,
but we Conservatives have
with PMSH standing up for Canada.
Canada first!!!

Yappa said...

Hi Wilson -

You think it's putting Canada first to hand the sovereigntists a bonanza during a provincial election campaign? And doing so for the sole reason of saving your own personal neck? You are wrong that Harper is putting Canada first, and you are wrong that all Conservatives are happy about it.

wilson said...

''to hand the sovereigntists a bonanza ''

Charest is headed for a majority.
The Monday vote is like a mini referendum on Quebec wanting to separate.
This Ottawa fight has certainly made Quebecers think.

Quebecers do not want to separate,
and they will tell Canada that on Monday.

Yappa said...

Hi Wilson,

I don't think separation has been on Quebecers' agendas for a long time now... the worries this week are that the anti-Quebec outpouring from Conservatives would change that. I haven't looked at the polls but I hope you're right!