Thursday, January 01, 2009

Liberal Strategy: Attack!

Stephen Harper has behaved abysmally, leaving a portion of the country wondering what the heck is wrong with him. It's time to build on that disillusion. Harper has spent the last three years in vicious attacks on us and our leader: I only propose that we return the favor by publicizing fair and factual criticism of him. But to be effective the criticism should be directly aimed at undermining his character and competence. We can't delay. We should be doing this now - before the January 26 budget - and we should continue hammering him all year.

We have so many scandals to choose from. Here's a list. It's amazing that Harper has managed to avoid public fallout from the "in and out scam", Cadman bribe, the reduction in food safety inspections leading to the listeriosis outbreak, his pattern of incompetent cabinet appointments, his personal plagiarism (not just in speeches but also in articles published in major newspapers), his firing of nuclear safety watchdog when she tried to keep our nuclear power safe...

Are we holding back because we're afraid he'll sue again? We can't do that. Litigious men like Conrad Black and Brian Mulroney seem to have gotten away with criminal acts because newspapers and politicians were afraid to take them on. We can't be bullied by Harper.

The offensive should hammer Harper, and also should mobilize our members early for the next election. In September we were too slow getting started. We need to have an election plan ready so that we can hit the ground running next time.

Liberals want to be mobilized and energized... we've been calling for it for years. For three years we have been watching in frustration as the Harper Agenda puts more young people in jail, wreaks havoc with our investments, makes our food unsafe, undermines our democracy, and on and on. We are ready to rally against Harper: give us some leadership, please!



burlivespipe said...

What I find astonishing is the free pass that the media has given Harper in choosing warfare over governance. During these turbulent times, Canadians desperately want leadership and cooperation to help steer clear of the economic shoals. Instead, Harper tried to lie his way to a majority, feigned interest in governing when offered a minority, waffled on his talk of 'working together' and then pulled out the artillery. And upon being confronted with his pathetic power-grab, he tried to turn a political crisis into a national unity one... What this cowardly maniac won't resort to in the name of saving his own hide...

Brad Dillman said...

Good luck (sincerely, no sarcasm). I also can't resist poking at Mr. Harper and the Conservatives logic (such as the nonsensical impossible BQ veto).

Attack is easy. The tougher job is to re-arm. The "war" (to use a neocon ideology) is being lost by attrition and logistics. Progressives need to increase their numbers and funding, and soon.

I'm not sure directly copying U.S. style politics will work, such as calling up Joe the plumber. But some form of motivation is needed - some grand challenge, say, more specific than just 'change' which could mean anything.

I've been reading about some of these ideas, for example:
-comprehensive early childhood education (targeting age 6 readiness to learn)
-pharmacare (my personal fav, you shouldn't have to sell your house to buy drugs)
-long term disability assistance (probably not enough motivation here)

Like a moon shot, something engaging that gets people up on their feet and taking action.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately the perfect person to lead the attack, Bob Rae, is no longer an option.

WesternGrit said...

I agree. Attack must happen. Harper spent every hour even when there was no campaign, campaigning. We are not hearing anything right now, because it is Christmas, but we need to start hearing things in January.

If we can run ads, lets do them now. We can actually use these ads to translate into more funds, because the public will perceive a party "on the go", and in the limelight. We also need to see a serious fund-raising effort along with this...

Bert said...

Stephen Harper has behaved abysmally, leaving a portion of the country wondering what the heck is wrong with him

Fortunately, it's a small minority who are wondering that, Yappa:

Most Canadians support the Governor Generals decision to prorogue Parliment:

Yappa said...

Hi Bert,

We may have to agree to disagree on this one. But I have to argue two seemingly contractictory things: (1) I believe very strongly that there is right and wrong other than the expression of polls; you say nothing to defend the November 28 economic update and Harper's subsequent actions, and I'm not sure that you can defend him. But (2), what I'm talking about is a PR campaign to counter the Conservative campaign for the purpose of affecting those polls. During our recent leadership we have been too nice and reasonable, whereas with a nasty piece of work like Harper we need to be much more aggressive.

I started out conciliatory but couldn't maintain it. ;-)

Bert said...

Hi Yappa,
The fall outover the November 28 economic update was great, in my opinion. It showed the true colours of the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloq.