Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Thanking his Supporters...

It seems that Harper learned something from the way the Bush government ran their invasion of Iraq: Haiti project goes to Tory-linked firm.


Bert said...

At least we are getting work done for the contract. You don't seem to recall the Liberal Government giving contracts to Liberal run businesses, then getting donations back to the Liberal party.

Anonymous said...

Harper's open and transparent Canada.

Gene Rayburn said...

Grrrr!!! Angry Bert. Angry because his side got caught being hypocrites (again).

Bert said...

No, you misunderstand. I'm not angry at all.
The contract got awarded this way to speed the process up. You don't honestly think that had there been a Liberal government in power, that they wouldn't have done the same thing ?.

Speaking of angry, how are you liberals doing now, seeing as how Iggy's Contraception motion got defeated ? Not only that, but he couldn't even get hish backbenchers to toe the line ?.
And Gene, I think that the Liberals could give lessons in being hypocrites.

Yappa said...

Hi Bert,

I don't feel bad about the contraception motion. I'm proud of my party for standing up for my rights. As to not every Liberal MP supporting it, that reflects the divide in opinion in the country. It's a divisive issue. I think there are issues (like gay marriage) that will just evaporate over time; but others, like abortion, will probably continue to be divisive. Women should have a safe way to end an unwanted pregnancy; but that's not the whole issue here. As the motion said, situations such as happened in the US under GWB must not be allowed to recur. Bush used aid to force developing countries to stop providing family planning. It was the worst abuse of tied aid in history, and caused untold hardship to the most vulnerable people in the world.

As to the ATCO contract, there is more to it. The government claimed that it was such a rush that they didn't have time to consider other bids. Then CIDA said that that was untrue; they had considered other bids but the government chose ATCO without following the proper procedure. In any event, the government should have emergency tendering procedures in place; it is NOT acceptable to hand out contracts to your friends like that.

And yes, I know, the Liberals had Adscam. For the nth time: Liberals in Quebec were dirty. The federal party called a wide-open inquiry to get to the bottom of it. Name me a time that Conservatives were so open and transparent.

Bert said...

The contraception motion was for supplying funds for contraception in third world countries, among other things. They weren't standing up for your right's, Yappa.

Anonymous said...

This is another non partisan issue. The liberals had 'tenders' for projects, they simply knew ahead of time who would get them.

Haiti is a cross party issue. Under Martin Canada helped the US and France overthrow the democratically elected Aristide. Check out "the Ottawa Initiative" at wikipedia, or 'canadaoutofhaiti', I think .com, but it may be .ca.

This was to prevent yet another 'Chavez' from encroaching too close to the US, but also because Aristide had plans to take France to international court to regain some of the billions that were sucked out of Haiti, and essentially built France's social safety net.

Canada helped wreck the country, then sent in money, and arms, and soldiers to 'rebuild' the country, although there was very little actually 'rebuilt'. Canada chose SNC Lavalin and gave it millions to do crappy work on a couple of buildings and roads which easily fell apart during the chaos.

To add insult to injury, Canada, the US, and France got together to announce 'rebuilding Haiti', the three countries which essentially tore it apart. Now, as usual, the gravy train flows to tory firms.

Like Afghanistan, Canada and the US are not 'the good guys', and Haitians know it. It's no surprise that Canada announced more MILITARY aid to Haiti, to make sure that grassroot organizations didn't take advantage of the chaos to try to take back their country. Did you notice how not a single journalist, even the CBC, bothered to talk to Aristide or make any mention of the overthrow, let alone his party's ban from running in their elections?

Name call back and forth all you guys want, the simple reality is that in 'corruption', there is no difference between red and blue.