Monday, October 11, 2010

Find Out How the Candidates Feel About LRT

The T4ST election survey asked candidates in Waterloo Region some questions about transit. We got fabulous results - over 100 responses, representing almost all of the candidates in Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge. (Response rates were lighter in the townships, where it's not such a burning issue.)

The responses were really interesting. I expected the results to be overwhelmingly anti-LRT (and they are), but I didn't expect all the thoughtful, insightful comments - reflecting all sides of the issue. I learned a lot from them.

There have been other transit surveys sent to candidates in this election, but ours is by far the most comprehensive.

So check it out:

Update: Someone just sent me this link, showing that all the current regional councillors except Doug Craig voted in favor of LRT. ...just something to think about while reading the responses. (link)

Update: The pro-LRT group TriTag also did a comprehensive survey. It's more comment-based. Check it out: TriTag transit survey.



Michael D said...

I'm not sure how one can claim that an LRT-only survey is all that comprehensive.

Regardless, for candidates' views on a number of transportation issues, I recommend checking out the TriTAG survey.

Yappa said...

Hi Michael,

Ack... The link I had to your site was only for a few races in Kitchener, and I thought incorrectly that that was all you surveyed. Your results are great! I will add a link to your site in my blog post and on the T4ST site. Actually, I think our surveys complement themselves quite well.

It usually frustrates me no end trying to decide who to vote for in municipal elections. I think these are extremely useful.

Of course your site is about ten thousand times prettier than mine, but I got stuck with wiki technology.

I also believe that most people are looking for a candidate who opposes LRT...