Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Throw the Bum Out!

Okay now. I was willing to let Conrad Black be, on the principle that when someone has served their time they should be left alone to live their life - unless they are a danger to society.

Black has been back in Canada such a short time, and already Black the Bully has re-emerged. Already he has:
  • Threatened to sue the head of the Official Opposition.
  • Hinted that he's starting new business ventures (just not public ones).
  • Announced that he's completely unrepentent.

In short, he's made it clear that he's back and it's business as usual. Is there a word for a business psychopath? Are we to return to the days when investigative journalists had banks of lawyers to neuter their articles because of fear of Black's lawyers?

I'm not exaggerating... some time ago I noticed in my blog stats that lawyers were looking at posts I had written about Black. And I am as small potatoes as it gets.

Nope, this is something up with which we should not put (to copy Black's literary style).

The man has got to go. He is not a Canadian citizen. He is a convicted felon. He has made ample demonstration that he is not of good character. The visa that lets him be here is wholly unprecedented, and mighty shady.



Anonymous said...

Curious, what are thoughts about Omar Khadr?

Yappa said...

I'm no expert on Omar Khadr, but he's a Canadian citizen. All other western countries with citizens in Guantanamo Bay got them out long ago. It was a barbaric place and Khadr shouldn't have been left there as long as he was, but brought home to a Canadian jail long ago, IMO.

I don't know why there's so much controversy about Khadr coming back. He was a teenager when he killed the soldier. None of his processing followed our standards in Canada - not the charges, not the trial, not the terms of his incarceration.

Unknown said...

It's only a matter of time before Conrad Black ends up in the Senate...

Yappa said...

Hi Marc - You may very well be right. The press he has been getting is so good (the stories about Margaret Atwood gushing over him are bizarre) that he must have hired a PR firm. Who knows what he'll do...