Saturday, September 29, 2012

Iran, Embassies, Omar Khadr

Prime Minister Harper took a ridiculous and counter-productive hard line against Iran a couple of weeks ago. Breaking diplomatic ties with Iran was a move that left politicos around the world scratching their heads and wondering what the heck happened. Was there a threat to Canada's Tehran embassy? Had Iran done something that nobody else knew about? Apparently none of the above - there was no reason for Canada to suddenly treat Iran as Enemy Number One.

Today we discover that Harper has finally bowed to pressure and let Omar Khadr return to Canada. Harper's backers are very unhappy about Khadr's return: just look in the Comments section of today's Globe article about it. There are strong feelings that Khadr should have his citizenship revoked (despite his having been born in Canada), that he should be tried for treason (despite already having spent his entire adult life in prison for something he did at 15), that he should be executed (despite Canada not having the death penalty).

It seems likely that Harper, knowing he would be unable to keep Khadr out any longer, used Iran as a bone to throw to his base. The politicization of every policy is the hallmark of the Harper regime.


John Prince said...

No wonder he did not speak at the UN. He would have been booed off the stage, as a fool and a patsy, having no shame or honour.

As a proud Canadian, this man mocks our very name, and as such is an embarrassment to us all. As are all right-wing christian fundamentalist, zionist puppets, following like sheep Milton Friedman's (grand guru of the movement for unfettered capitalism) rule-book.

kitt said...

Real christians do NOT ask like Crime Minister and his gang of dolts.

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