Monday, April 15, 2013

En garde!

Here's a still from the first Harper attack ad against Justin Trudeau, which was released about 12 hours after Justin became Liberal leader.

It's a weird ad. I thought with all their money the Conservatives could come up with something more effective. They're obviously trying to ridicule him, but...
  • The ad shows Justin with a goofy mustache - which he grew for charity as part of Movember.
  • It shows Justin standing on stage slowly removing his outer shirt (he's wearing an undershirt) - which he did for another charity.
  • It shows him saying that Quebec is the best - obviously pulled out of context, and looking very, very young.
I got an email today with the following text (and I think it's pretty classy that he also asks for donations to the liver foundation). This is the email:
The Conservatives are already back in the gutter.

Now they're using pictures from a charity fashion show to attack me and undermine what we've built. Can you chip in $5 to help us get out our positive message of change?

They've seen what we can do and they're desperately trying to drown us out with the childish, food-fight politics.

We need to move past that - donate $5 or more now and stand up to these guys:


P.S. I raised a bit of money for the Liver Foundation but I bet we could raise more if you made a donation too.

The best way to put a stop to this negative advertising is to make a donation against it! (I did.)

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Rotterdam said...

Justin reminds me of Jack Sparrow.!