Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bring 'em Home, Jimbo!

Waterloo's resident billionaire Jim Balsillie has purchased an NHL team - the unfortunately named Predators - from Nashville. It is all we were hoping for and more - not some venerable old team like the Penguins, but an upstart outfit from a town that couldn't care less about hockey.

We have done absolutely none of the heavy lifting, but we're rooting for having our team moved back to Waterloo where it belongs... pronto. We even have some names in mind - howsabout "The Grand"? "The Loons"? "The Great Blue"? The enigmatic "Bento Box"? Or what about "The Diaspora" (check out the Predator roster; over half the team's Canadian).

In a great stroke of luck, it even looks like the Predator team colors are gold and black... just like, Eureka!, the University of Waterloo. (Our motto: "They say "why?" We say "whatever".)

Note: My previous plan to build the stadium on the site of a ski resort or the current Waterloo dump has turned out to be unfeasible. Ideas, anyone?


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Anonymous said...

I think the UW motto now in use is "Why not?" But, as you say, whatever. Another suggestion for the new team name: The 'Loos, sounds like 'lose' of course, but why not?