Monday, September 01, 2014

King & University: a traffic problem?

Taxi drivers are saying that they are risking their lives to pick up and drop off passengers outside the new high rises on King Street north of University Ave. The problem is that the buildings have no pull-in area so cabs have to stop on busy King Street. I have noticed private cars stopping on the street to pick people up, too.


Peter Lowry said...

Taxi drivers in Toronto face many problems. One of them might be writers who do not know that King Street runs east and west and University Avenue runs north and south.
Peter Lowry,

Yappa said...

Hi Peter - I'm writing about Waterloo, not Toronto.

EdtheTed said...

Waterloo planners were asleep at the wheel. They let companies destroy the area with high rises and have no room for cabs or trees. I guess no one though the inhabitants might want to get out of the building by some means other than walking.