Thursday, December 13, 2007

CTV Newsnet: Fire Mike Duffy

I can sort of accept that Mike Duffy's sidekick in his broadcasts about Brian Mulroney is Mulroney's old speech writer, who worked for Mulroney for four and a half years. This is not objective reporting, but I guess there's something to be said for giving our former prime minister the benefit of the doubt.

I was more bothered by Duffy continually stating over the last few weeks that we should not have a public inquiry. The country needs to finally find the truth about the serious allegations made against Brian Mulroney.

I was quite bothered when Duffy disparaged Stevie Cameron today and made personal remarks about her.

I was completely disgusted by Duffy's coverage this afternoon. Going way off track into allegations that someone from the CBC phoned someone on the Ethics committee and suggested a question to ask during the hearing, he acted as if this were the most important issue of the day. He made it sound as if the entire staff of the CBC and the entire membership of the Liberal party were involved. He blew it completely out of proportion. This is just the sort of "inside the beltway" bickering that turns the public off. It really seemed like he was trying to distract the country from Mulroney's testimony.



Anonymous said...

Hear hear!
I don't accept Macdonald being anywhere near this issue as a reporter. Hello independence?

McGuire said...

I guess what you don't like is that there's someone from the MSM that isn't a Liberal shill. Poor baby. Duffy should be fired the day the CBC is privatized.

Steve V said...

I actually found Duffy quite funny, trying to make the connection between the CBC and the Liberals. Quite ironic to have a man who is a daily Mulroney apologist talking about journalistic integrity and neutrality. What a hoot!

Sean Cummings said...

God help us all, we do not need an inquiry to tell us what we already know: Schreiber and Mulroney are both shady dudes. As for pro-Mulrony ergo pro-Tory bias on Mike Duffy, it can be said that CBC has a pro Liberal bias, particularly with allegations the CBC prepared questions for Pablo Rodriguez to ask Mulroney. Source: Jean Lapierre...

Yappa said...

To McGuire -

I don't know why you'd assume I'd object to CBC TV being privatized. I think it probably should be. It makes some great shows (like Intelligence and The Tudors) but we don't need an entire public-run network to do that.

To the grumpy voter -

Yeah, we all know that Schreiber and Mulroney are shady dudes. But Mulroney was the prime minister and it's pretty damn important that he may have taken bribes and kickbacks. I haven't noticed any Liberal bias in the CBC coverage: they've been very balanced IMO.

Sean Cummings said...

>>Yeah, we all know that Schreiber and Mulroney are shady dudes. But Mulroney was the prime minister and it's pretty damn important that he may have taken bribes and kickbacks.<<

There's no evidence that Mulroney did anything more than receive approximately $300k from Schreiber that he promptly deposited in safety deposit boxes - a stupid move on his part, but not illegal. What's the end game of all this? Is it remotely possible that somewhere between what Schreiber and Mulroney are saying lies the truth and how, given that the RCMP has already investigated Mulroney, is it in the public interest to spend $20 million on an inquiry that will turn up less than nothing?

BTW, if the CBC isn't pro-Liberal, then why is Jean Lapierre, a former Liberal cabinet minister alleging that the CBC prepared questions for Liberals on the committee?

liberazzi said...

I would like to know what Lapierre's agenda is and if he knows what the word loyalty means? Remember that Lapierre is a former seperatist and since Dion is a staunch federalist, then you start to see part of Lapierre's motivation, which is an axe to grind. Also, Pablo made the connection between the fact that TVA is owned by Quebecor. In any event, Mike Duffy officially lost all of his credibility today. If the CBC is "anti-Con" (I believe the CBC is quite balanced on both sides),then the CTV is very much "Pro-Con". Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the CBC show "At Issue". Peter Mansbridge introduced Keith Boag and a piece about the Schrieber Mulroney inquiry. The piece started with pictures of Mulroney and Schrieber together. Then it switched to someone (from the neck down) reaching into his coat pocket and pulling out an envelope obviously stacked full of cash and passing it onto another individual. Funny but I never saw any images of people passing brown paper bags on CBC during the sponsorship inquiry. And you have the nerve to question Mike Duffy?

Anonymous said...

Today Mr. Mulroney claimed that he only took cash from Karlheinz Schreiber because that’s how Schreiber wanted to pay him--and that this was a huge mistake. But Mulroney then went on to admit the following:

1) He didn’t deposited the money into any bank account but rather kept the money in cash

2) He didn’t declare the money on his taxes until years later after Schreiber was arrested

3) He didn’t bring the money he received in New York back to Canada thus avoiding declaring it at the border

4) He never sent Schreiber a receipt for the cash or any invoice for services rendered

5) When he finally did pay his taxes, Mulroney didn’t declare a single expense associated with the work he allegedly did for Schreiber (despite that meaning that he would have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars more in taxes)

The decision to deal in cash appears to have been at Mr. Schreiber’s urging, but all of these subsequent actions were taken by Mr. Mulroney of his own accord and all of them had the effect of concealing the money that he received from Schreiber.

Mulroney needs to explain why his own actions--after taking the money from Schreiber--maintained the complete lack of transparency that characterized his decision to accept cash from Schreiber in first place.

Anonymous said...

CBC's coverage is fair and balanced? Then why are their daily guests the host and the producer of the Fifth Estate show? The two guys who have been prosecuting Mulroney for the last 10 years on OUR tv network using lots of OUR money? That's what you call Liberal balance.

Anonymous said...

Everyone here seemed to have missed the comment by Joe Comartin on this CBC thing - Comartin said that all MSM journalists approach the MP's about questions they'd like asked including the CTV - Duffy got a little sheepish then. He then went on to another topic until Comartin was gone.

THEY ALL do it folks.

Yappa said...

To anonymous at 9:24 -

I found the episode of CBC's "At Issue" that you are talking about. Not only does what you describe not happen, but the whole episode seems balanced to me. Don't take my word for it: