Sunday, December 09, 2007

Obama Lost His Way

For me, a lot of Obama's appeal came from the sense that he wasn't really in this one to win. He doesn't have the experience and he doesn't have the know-how: this has been painfully apparent in his campaign. But I gave him some slack because he wasn't attacking his two fellow front-runners, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards; he seemed to be running for VP, or running his 2012 or 2016 campaign - and that seemed about right.

But during the last couple of weeks Team Obama has changed the game. Not only are they on the attack, they've gone from Mr Nice Guy to Vicious Fight Mode in no time. And they're making a complete hash of it. Obama is losing the respect of important liberal thinkers while pandering to populists. To wit:

- Princeton professor Paul Krugman criticized Obama's health care plan. Team Obama struck back; Ezra Klein came to Krugman's defence and slammed Team Obama. Klein summed up, "Obama's rhetoric has become much, much worse than his plan. That it's ended with him having to go on the offensive against the most forthrightly progressive voice in major American media is evidence of that fact."

- Oprah Winfrey has stepped in to propel Obama into the Democratic candidacy. And Oprah isn't pulling any punches. Oprah didn't mention Hillary's name in the speech I heard her give in Iowa today, but her attack was scathing - so scathing as to damage Hillary's ability to win even if Obama and Edwards drop out. Oprah attracts massive crowds - bigger crowds than anyone else has ever been able to attract in a primary - but instead of encouraging political debate and involvement, she's twisting truth to manipulate her fans into voting her way.

Obama is like the guy who farts in the elevator. This primary was a pretty interesting ride until his inexperience and lack of good judgement screwed it all up.



Content Black Woman said...

While clearly, you are entitled to your opinion, I have to ask the question; are you for real?

He has followed the campaign rule book to a "t". And furthermore, how insulting it is for you to say he was making a show to run later or for V.P. Would you say that if he were white? Note: it takes way to much time, energy and personal sacrifice to run for President of the United States as if you were throwing paint on the wall just to see where it will stick.

Insanity is doing the same thing, the same way, expecting a different outcome.

I say let's stop the insanity! If this country can give a person like George Bush a chance, I think we can give a Harvard Law School graduate with a demonstrated record of consistency a chance.

Just my two cents.

Yappa said...

To content black woman -

Successful political careers tend to be planned in the long term, and it's perfectly natural for someone to run before they're ready in order to have a better chance later.

And no, I'm not saying he's inexperienced because he's black. I'm saying it because he has 3 years experience in the US senate and 6 years experience in state senate and that isn't enough. Plus, his inexperience has shown in inadequate policy statements about things like attacking Pakistan.

The whole world has suffered because of the inexperience and poor judgement of George Bush. Lord help us all if we get another underqualified president.

Lept said...

What I don't understand is how everyone seems intent on examining Obama's stand on a whole range of issues - to either question or extol his integrity and experience - while ignoring probably his most eloquently lucid betrayal of principal: after supporting (somewhat) certain gay issues he has made use of a band of virulently homophobic preachers to attract the 'black vote'; even after being confronted by their statements.

Anonymous said...

I read an article about Clinton, Edwards and Obama's tenure in the senate.

Clinton has accomplished a lot. Obama not too much and only attended on Foreign Affairs meeting.

Apparently, Edwards accomplished nothing.

I have a problem with what Oprah is doing. Funny, at one time she really like Hilliary Clinton and some felt she would back her if she ran.

Obama has potential, but I don't think he's quite ready yet. He speaks well, but really doesn't say much.

Times are too volatile to take a chance. Obama is actually copying Bill Clinton's "hope" routine.

I like Obama, but I don't think he's quite ready for prime time and I don't care what Oprah thinks - I like to think for myself not have someone tell me what to think.