Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Too Good Not to Commemorate

New word: adamantiumtastic
Invented to describe a new blast-proof fabric: The fabric "absorbs and disperses the energy from explosions thanks to an inner structure so adamantiumtastic it can be used in body armor, window covering, military tents and hurricane defenses." (At the time the article about the fabric was written, the word appeared nowhere on the web except this article.)

My brother guesses the etymology as: adamantiumtastic = adamantine ("too hard to cut, break, or pierce", also a mythical substance in Dungeons and Dragons that is the hardest material available) + fantastic

Favorite sentence
Tim Russert sits like Leona Helmsley's bereaved dog Trouble, glassy-eyed on a satin pillow, enjoying the aroma of his own farts as he rolls a jingly, slop-coated ball to his Sunday playmate.

- Steven Weber, I am incurious and yellow in the Huffington Post

(I seem to have a fart theme this week. I also have found myself, quite suddenly, to be completely off Tim Russert.)



Jacques Beau Vert said...

I think it's from adamantium, the alloy that coats Wolverine's skeleton. I'd venture they're both based an "adamant" and then cutified.

Yappa said...

Ah yes, silly us! Here's a reference:

Thanks, Jason!