Sunday, January 20, 2008

Don't Get Fooled Again

The interesting thing about the anti-Hillary trashers is that they are the same people who have trashed every Democratic front-runner for the last 20 years. The M.O. is always the same: to demonize and make the person a laughing stock. To create a caricature of a person with no foundation in truth. The aim is to weaken resolve among their supporters and strengthen resolve among their opponents.

In an earlier post I reproduced an article that details the horror of Chris Matthew's campaign to discredit Hillary Clinton. Matthews devoted all of 1999 to a similar campaign against Al Gore. The Daily Howler said in 2002, "Among major pundits, [Matthews] was almost surely the most enthusiastic trasher of Gore. He liked to combine smutty sexual jibes with moronic observations about Gore’s movements and clothing." Matthews called Gore "the bathtub ring," "dim-witted" and "a man-woman" (the latter in a bizarre attack on Al's three-button suits) and said he looked "un-American". One of Matthews' favorite insults was, "Gore would do anything to become president - even lick the floor." It sounds so juvenile now that it defies belief that anyone could have taken it seriously, but at the time Matthews' attack was extremely effective in eroding the seriousness of Gore's candidacy.

We let ourselves get manipulated into not electing Gore and not electing Kerry. Every time we say we won't get fooled again. But here we are and it's happening again, RIGHT NOW. I'm not saying that people should not support Obama. I'm saying that Hillary is being attacked because she's the Democratic front-runner, and is being set up as evil, manipulative, status quo, etc - and if Obama wins, the same thing will happen to him.



Anonymous said...

Classic Republican strategy. And carefully repeated by Stephen HAHArper

Anonymous said...

Was that Kerry, he of Iran-Contra who made it clear organized theft and deception of the US public was perfectly fine as long as the Democrats got their cut? And is this the same Gore who kindly rushed down to Mexico in the early-90s and rammed through NAFTA and the behest of the corporations resulting in devastation of the Mexican economy, the rise of the Zapatistas, more recently the takeover in Oaxaca, and over 12+ million illegal Mexican migrants living in the US?

The Democrats and Republicans are both a deceitful farce, Good Cop / Bad Cop charades, and criminal organizations funding by illegal corporations.