Sunday, November 15, 2009

Truth is Stranger than Fiction Department

So has everyone heard this story already? Our esteemed government and their pals were sitting around at a fat cat dinner last week when someone got a text message that Margaret Thatcher was dead.

Now it turns out that Harper and the boys are totally enamored of the Iron Lady. Transport Minister John Baird even named his cat after her.

Residents of the UK would say that Thatcher's reign was so disastrous that she discredited her brand of hyper-conservativism for decades to come, but Harper and co. idolize her.

So these goofballs were sitting around mourning their icon and they dispatched a minion to write a statement. The minion woke up some people in the British government, presumably causing a lot of confusion before he figured out that the ex-PM was still kicking. It turns out that it was Baird's cat that went to Georgia on the front of a bus.



Tomm said...


A truly strange story. The speed of texting/twittering exceeds the speed of comprehension. "Lady Thatcher" was dead, but not THE "Lady Thatcher".

With respect to the esteem that the CPC has for Margaret Thatcher; that is well documented. She is a prime political guide.

You may want to read up on the Iron Lady, especially if you wish to use your crystal ball in divining the next steps we can expect from the Prime Minister and his cabinet.

I'm expecting Canada to invade the Falkland Islands any day now;)

condos Toronto said...

What a silly mistake of our politicians. This is why double checking things is extremely important. A big scandal could have arisen from this misunderstanding. But yeah, some people must really idolize Margaret Thatcher when they even name their pet after her.


Yappa said...

Canada's stature around the world has taken a number of hits due to this government... for example, the minister of foreign affairs introducing his girlfriend to world leaders before her connections to crime and the mafia were known, and then leaving top-secret NATO documents with her after they broke up.

They're making us look like a bunch of bozos.