Saturday, November 21, 2009

LRT: Complete Rail Route

Click the map to enlarge it. The green line is the LRT. The route runs from the Conestoga Mall (top left), to Fairview Mall (bottom right).

You can find this map here.

Update: The Region has released a better map here.



Anonymous said...


Peter Gay says there isn't a stop at the hospital, downtown Kitchener, or the Kitchener Market.

This map must be a complete forgery.

Yappa said...

I posted this map because there has been so much confusion about the basics of the route and station locations. That is largely the fault of the region LRT team, who post all sorts of obsolete maps and documents on their web site. I did my best to ensure that this is the "final" or at least "latest" take, but I wouldn't put much money on it.

I have heard LRT supporters say several times that the LRT stops at the McCormack Arena. According to this map, it doesn't. It's not lying to be confused by the route.

You, however, are lying when you say that Peter Gay claims there is no stop at the hospital or downtown Kitchener. (I don't know what he's said about the market.) You're really trying to claim that he thinks the LRT won't stop in DOWNTOWN KITCHENER? Try arguing on the merits of the case rather than trying to defame everyone who has a different viewpoint from your own. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

"There is not one stop in downtown Kitchener. The first stop is Eby and Charles, the next stop is King and Victoria. So it totally bypasses downtown Kitchener."

He said it on 570 news:

you are wrong which makes you a hypocrite. You accuse me of trying to defame someone because they have a different viewpoint, when i am actually correct in what I am saying. So it is you doing the defaming.

Yappa said...

You're right... I hadn't heard that and what he said was obviously untrue: there is a stop in Kitchener. The announcer immediately corrected him and he agreed that he was wrong.

I regret also that I fell to your level of nasty name calling. You guys have gotten on my nerves. I'm not apologizing (as I usually would) because of the history of nastiness in the last few weeks... when you persist in pushing people with your nastiness, they'll start pushing back, and that's what I did.

How you think I can defame anonymous, I don't know. I get the feeling that you're not very bright. If I detect your presence in my arena again, I may delete you.

Anonymous said...


Peter Gay says there isn't a stop at the hospital, downtown Kitchener, or the Kitchener Market.

This map must be a complete forgery."

What part of that is "nasty name calling"?

You were wrong and now youre trying to use the "but they did it too!" defence.

Maybe the people for the light rail system are being aggressive because people in your group are spreading bold face lies. It's not "nastiness" to call people out on spreading misinformation. im not saying you are, but the leader of the group you associate with certainly is.

Anonymous said...

"I get the feeling that you're not very bright."

You accuse the other people of nasty name calling?

Yappa said...

It's the allegation of lying that really gets to me. When someone says something that isn't true, it isn't necessarily a lie - especially in this case where the region web site has a number of versions of the route.

This lying allegation has been repeated in the Record, on the radio, on blogs, previously in my comments... all over the place. It's obnoxious.

I usually take great care to be diplomatic in my comments section and to try to find common ground with everyone. However, I see no reason to be diplomatic with someone who doesn't identify him/herself; who is rude and defamatory; and who says nothing substantive. Also, frankly, I'm just fed up.

Anonymous said...

"This lying allegation has been repeated in the Record, on the radio, on blogs, previously in my comments... all over the place. It's obnoxious."

Ruth, you might want to start looking more at what your group has been saying.

They lying allegation *has* been repeated simply because leaders in your group have repeatedly pushed misinformation, even *after* it was pointed out to them to be untrue.

You seem to want to be honest about this Ruth. At the very least i would suggest you start looking more closely at what some of your anti-LRT leaders are saying. Having a few legitimate concerns doesn't excuse them repeatedly spreading misinformation and refusing to retract it when they are shown it to be wrong.

There is nothing nice about saying someone is lying, but that doesn't mean people are wrong to say someone isn't being truthful.

Yappa said...

I was on the verge of deleting your latest comment. It has a reasonable tone, but it still lacks substantive content and is really just a repetition of your allegation. Also, while I don't mind people knowing my name, your repeated use of it while remaining anonymous is a tad creepy.

But I appreciate your tone so I'll try one last time to say that you're wrong. I know these people, and I know that they are not deliberately spreading mistruth. In fact, I don't think the mistakes are very widespread. Until I heard that podcast I never noticed a factual error, and had I, I'd have corrected it.

But this is it. I can't stop these horrible attempts at character assassination, but I'm not letting it go on any longer in my blog. I gave you all a chance to argue your points, and you're done.